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The world has little use for a course that is going to assist precocious youth to nurture ideas well above their station. Little is served refining the arrogance of those hell-bent on securing a life of privilege and power. Nothing can commend a course that instructs in the art of domination.
Learning Leadership was written because there is a desperate need for authentic leadership. There is a desperate need to understand what true leadership is and there is a desperate need to develop those leadership skills in the young.

Everyone has some leadership potential that can be released for the benefit of humankind. Learning Leadership is designed to give inspiration and encouragement to students and help them to explore their leadership potential.

The nations of the world are showing signs of hunger for authentic leadership. There is a weariness with self-serving politicians whose vision for their country fails to extend beyond short-term political expediency. There is a cynicism with many in authority and a growing anger at the lack of moral fortitude to be found among some leaders. We must look to the next generation to show us a better way to lead.
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