About the Author

Hello. My name is Tim Hawkes and I'm the author of the Learning Leadership series. Whether you've come to download material on leadership electronically or whether you're looking for material in print form, both are available to you. I'm particularly delighted that you're here because I am passionate about the need that society has today to develop leadership skills in its students. Now, Learning Leadership is a course for secondary school students and young adults. It's design to foster those skills associated with leadership: how to give a speech; how to run a meeting; conflict resolution; counselling skills; and so on... It is also a course which has collected stories from around the world about heroes and heroines - stories designed to enrich and inspire. This is a course which seeks to honour women in leadership as well as men and it is written for an international audience. So it is my privilege and my pleasure to recommend Learning Leadership to you in the hope that you find the material enormously helpful.